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Hispanic Society Memorial Scholarship Application

The NCPD Hispanic Society Memorial Scholarship is awarded in the memory of three Hispanic officers who took pride in this department, in the community for which they served, as well as in their heritage - Detective Arthur Lopez, who died in the line of duty October 23, 2012, and Detective Al Samaniego, who passed on November 6, 2013, and was very involved in the community and recently added, Police Officer Luis Palermo, who died September 4, 2017 of 9-11 related illness.

This scholarship will be open to immediate family members (child, grandchild, sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, etc.) of Hispanic Society members in good standing. Starting in 2019, to members in good standing attending college at least half time (6 credits a semester) and having paid dues up to date for a minimum of three years in a row including the current year.  It will be offered to high school students registered for college, as well as students currently enrolled in an accredited college on a full time basis.  Applicant must have minimum 3.0 GPA (numerically 87.5) at time of application.  Verification of academic status must be submitted with application and essay.  Maximum age of applicants will be no older than 23 years old at time of application deadline.  Scholarship check will be made out to the school of attendance.  Bursar receipt showing payment of tuition must be submitted upon receiving scholarship funds.  Failure to follow guidelines will show cause for forfeit, at which time the scholarship will be endowed to the runner up, if any.


The essay must be typed, double spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font, with the paper having 1" margins.  There will be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 700.  Essays will be read & graded on a set scale by the Executive Board.  Final submissions must be received by midnight of due date. A personal interview to decide final placement of the top essays may take place.  All decisions by the Executive Board will be final.


Applications and essay must be received no later than 30 days prior to the Scholarship Dinner Dance.  Two scholarships will be awarded for $1,000.00 each.  Applications must be completed and mailed with the essay.  The scholarship winners will be honored at our Scholarship & Awards Memorial Dinner Dance.  Additionally, the scholarship winners will be awarded their ticket to the dinner.


Essay topic: 

Who is the most influential Hispanic or Latino in my life and how have they inspired me to be a better person, to work to the best of my abilities, and to also be involved in the community?


Completed applications and essay are to be mailed to:

NCPD HS, 160 1st Street #566, Mineola, NY 11501


Confirmation email sent upon receipt of application & essay.

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